We have been organising spa holidays for 35 years

Health Holidays has been organizing spa holidays for over 35 years and therefore has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to spa holidays.

Relax and unwind with a book by the pool, in the Jacuzzi, with a massage from our sports coaches or splash into the sea and enjoy all the sunshine that our sunny destinations have to offer. There is plenty of free time to enjoy your spa holiday in Portugal, Turkey or on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura.

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What does a detox holiday entail?

The Health Holidays detox holiday consists of a juice cure with a sports programme. Of course this involves not only effort, but also relaxation.

During the spa you consume four freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and you exercise three times a day. The programme of the spa holiday starts daily with a running session. Then you will be offered a lemon juice diluted with water, followed by a fruit juice. After this juice-moment the bodyshape starts, which can consist of yoga, pilates, zumba or aerobics.

After the bodyshape you have free time and you get the afternoon juice in a thermos bottle, so you can take it with you to the beach, an excursion, or to your room. In the afternoon, you go to the swimming pool or the sea for aqua jogging. With an aquabelt you do exercises that are normally impossible due to the force of gravity. In the evening, you will have your evening juice together with your companions.

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The results of a detox holiday

The essence of a spa holiday is the detoxification of your body. You cleanse yourself physically and mentally and as a pleasant side effect, you have a beautiful body, a radiant complexion and an amazing amount of energy!

If you would like, you can also lose a lot of weight during your spa holiday. Women lose on average half a kilo and men one kilo a day. Our spa holiday is therefore a good way to lose a lot of weight in a short time in a responsible way.

Travel Guidance

Prior to your spa holiday you will receive an information booklet in which you can read what to expect from the programme, what to look out for, what to take with you and how best to prepare for your spa holiday.

It is also very important that the guidance are aware of your physical and mental constitution, wishes and goals to be achieved. Therefore, upon arrival you will have an intake interview with our professional Dutch-speaking staff. During the juice sessions, all necessary information and inspiring tips for a healthy lifestyle will be given. Before, during and after your spa holiday, you can ask our professional Dutch-speaking staff all your questions.