Group booking

At Health Holidays you can also arrange group bookings. Depending on the number of people and your specific wishes, you can book either one of our standard weekly programmes or a Health Holiday tailored to your needs. The detox and the sports programme can also be adapted to suit your group. We can discuss all your wishes and draw up a tailored offer.

Week away with friends

Are you looking for a refreshing and healthy option for your annual outing with your friends?

Health Holiday offers something new. Detoxing and exercising together forges ties and strengthens bonds. You can motivate one another to achieve the best possible results and enjoy socialising at the same time.


Employee health and employee cooperation are essential factors for a business.

Team building in the form of a Health Holiday stimulates both of these aspects and helps to strengthen relationships. In consultation with you, we would be happy to draw up a tailored quotation that caters for all your wishes.

Training camp

During a training camp, both exercise and nutrition are essential factors, for professional athletes as well as for amateur sports enthusiasts.

At Health Holidays your team members can improve their physical condition, recharge their batteries and ensure they are relaxed and healthy before the start of the new season.