Juice fasting, exercise and relaxation do wonders for both body and mind!

If you have a busy job with little free time, or if you are going through a difficult period, it can be hard to stay fit and healthy. A Health Holidays trip takes you away from your stressful lifestyle and gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries. You will finally get a chance to clear your head and relax, making you feel fitter and more alive! During your Health Holiday, you will cleanse your body, improve your health and generate new energy.

Exercise three times a day

On your Health Holiday, you will exercise three times a day. The day begins with a walking workout, followed by a bodyshape class and aqua jogging in the afternoon.

Four juices a day

On your Health Holiday, you will have four freshly squeezed juices a day. You can also drink as much water and herbal tea as you like.

Voldoende tijd voor ontspanning tijdens uw Health Holiday

Plenty of time to relax

You will also have enough time left to relax and make the most of your well-deserved holiday.

In Portugal volgt u een Health Holiday in dit viersterrenhotel.

PortugalFrom € 1149

The sunny Algarve in Portugal is home to this special retreat that offers peace and quiet, space and luxury. Our very competitive prices include a return flight and a stay at this four-star hotel with a Day SPA.

In Turkije volgt u een Health Holiday in dit prachtige hotel, direct aan de Middellandse zee.

TurkeyFrom € 1049

Discover the authentic Turkish town of Kas and bathe in the glorious sea every single day! This this accommodation lies besides the Mediterranean Sea in the beautiful nature. You are fully equipped.

Health Holidays Fuerteventura

FuerteventuraFrom € 1299

The Canary Island Fuerteventura is one of the sunniest places on earth. The four-star Barceló Corralejo Bay hotel is within walking distance of the charming village of Corralejo and the gorgeous beach.

What is included as standard feature in your booking?

Flight including cabin bag

Detox and sports programme with professional English-speaking staff

Generously filled, healthy goody bag for your return journey

What else is included?

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Member of

We are affiliated with ANVR, SGR and the Calamiteitenfonds (Emergency Fund), so quality is guaranteed. Booking a holiday with our organisation is therefore a sound choice

Carbon-neurtral on holidays

As a travel organisation, we take responsibility for minimising our carbon footprint. That is why we cover the costs of the carbon offset for your trip and you pay nothing extra for this. Read here which other sustainable adjustments we have implemented within our organization.


If you book a trip to Kaş in Turkey, you will receive:
a free boattrip
a massage of half hour
to the value of € 85,00!

This discount is valid when you have booked your Health Holiday before October 1, 2022.

Promotional discount

Have you taken a Health Holiday before and are you planning to go again in 2022?
When you go with a new guest, you will receive a € 50.00 discount per new guest!

    positive review  Weer heeeeerlijk genoten! en bedankt Judith en Hennie voor de waanzinnig goede verzorging !!!

    Brigit Rotteveel Avatar Brigit Rotteveel
    augustus 26, 2018

    Health Holidays is een geweldige formule om in een mooie omgeving tot rust te komen, je lichaam te reinigen en last but not least een paar kilo overgewicht kwijt te raken. De begeleiding is altijd heel prettig en men doet er alles aan om het de klant naar de zin te maken. Je komt als herboren terug!

    Otto Kokol Avatar Otto Kokol
    juli 27, 2018

    Heeeeeel goed! Super service �

    Kim Tran Avatar Kim Tran
    november 23, 2017
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