During the Health Holidays exercise program, participants can work at their own level.


The exercise program begins in the morning with a jog, during which you can walk, do Nordic Walking, interval training, or running. During this session, you can set your own pace. Interval training is a combination of running and jogging intended to improve your condition using intervals. We have Nordic Walking sticks, which can be adjusted to suit you. Because everyone has different levels of athleticism, this activity is generally an individual one, and because you can rest whenever you need to, anyone can participate.

Body shape

Body shape consists of muscle relaxation exercises such as yoga, pilates, and/or aerobics. The exact activity will depend on the specialism of our staff. Your entire body will be tackled, the aim being to combat stiffness. After a week, you will be as flexible as a reed in the wind.

Aqua training

Whenever possible, we hold the aqua training session in the sea. While it’s more fun than work, your muscles will certainly feel it afterward. It is a particularly enjoyable activity lasting at least 45 minutes. It helps untrained, overworked muscles to recover and enhances your body’s flexibility. In addition, the aqua belt makes you weightless, which allows you to train your muscles better and more easily. You can also do exercises that would otherwise be made impossible by gravity.

Exercising responsibly

Participate at whatever level you think you can handle. You will notice improvements every day. Everything you do will benefit your condition. Keep in mind that your body may require a great deal of rest to remove all the blockages – the result of years of (often unconscious) poor dietary choices – and dispose of them. So be sure to listen to your body. If you are having a bad day, let our staff know and take the morning or afternoon off. You participate in the program at your own risk, and as such we strongly advise you to adhere to the program as it is provided by Health Holidays. Should you decide to make amendments to the program on your own initiative, then Health Holidays will not be liable for the consequences.