A juice cure holiday really gives energy

Are you not comfortable in your skin? Do you have no energy to eat healthy and exercise enough? Are you so busy that you have completely neglected yourself? And has this led to physical complaints, so that you can no longer get the best out of your life? Then a juice cure can be a good solution, so that you can reset your body and mind and can make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

Why a juice cure on vacation?

Work, children, but also social obligations make it very difficult to keep a juice cure at home in the Netherlands. Let alone when you are the only one in your family to follow the juice cure. There are also numerous temptations within our hectic society. The combination of a juice cure and a holiday can be maintained, especially when you follow the juice cure in a cozy group in a beautiful location.

After the juice cure holiday you will be sun-tanned, shaped and full of energy. With our advice, you can make permanent adjustments to your eating and exercise pattern, so that you will keep your results and, if desired, further expand.

Een heerlijk ontspannen massage bij Health Holidays in Turkije

The result of a cure holiday

The treatment ensures that you can detoxify your body in a responsible way, so that all organs can function optimally again. At the same time you work on your body during the sports program and ensure that you do not lose muscle mass. In addition, you only consume freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, so that you get all the necessary nutrients.

Losing weight is for many of our guests a nice advantage of the juice cure with the sports program. For example, women lose half a kilo on average and men even lose one kilogram a day.

Our program also ensures an overall improved circulation, so that all your organs function better again. By exercising regularly, you put the lungs, the heart and all other muscles at work to free you from blockages in your organs, tissues and energy management. Your blood now has the chance to make more red blood cells, which in turn provide a better oxygen supply to all organs.

You will feel younger for many years. Overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid and skin problems, but also type 2 diabetes are addressed during this program. A juice cure holiday is also a perfect start to finally get rid of a smoking, alcohol and / or drug addiction. Do you experience a burn-out? Come and relax with us! You will notice that you get a lot more energy than before and that you can use this energy for months.

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Ontgiften tijdens het programma van Health Holidays

Your juice treatment arranged down to the last detail

At Health Holidays you follow a juice cure with a sports program under professional supervision on a sunny destination in Portugal, Turkey or on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. During your juice cure holiday with Health Holidays you do not have to think about anything, we will completely spoil you. Sleeping, reading a book, sunbathing, walking, shopping, all of this at any time you wish.
Let yourself be pampered by a wonderful massage or discover the surroundings through the numerous trips. With more than 30 years of experience you are guaranteed that we have taken care of the organization to perfection and that you can relax during your juice cure holiday. Let go of all control and experience how refreshing this can be!

Meet friends for life

Many of our guests travel alone, so do not delay and do not look for a travel companion to discover this adventure, just go on vacation alone. A juice cure is therefore a great opportunity to meet new people. Friendships for life are closed and there is a good chance that you will go on juice holiday together again next year. Our motto is ‘Everything is allowed, nothing is necessary!’

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