Detoxify your body, why is it necessary?

Are you tired, listless and have no energy? Then it is wise to detoxify your body.

In our current Western society, we get a lot of toxins, including through our food and through pollution in the air. These have an important influence on our physical and mental health. In addition, we do not allow ourselves rest and we have numerous self-imposed (social) obligations, so that the body has no chance to get rid of all toxins. As a result, people are quickly mentally and physically unbalanced, causing illnesses such as high blood pressure / cholesterol, skin diseases, thyroid disorders, type 2 diabetes and a burnout to lie in wait.

Why does a Health Holiday help with detoxification?

You detoxify your body thanks to our juice treatment combined with a sports program. Our juices have a detoxifying influence. By this we mean that the accumulation of minerals is solved. Besides the juices you consume the whole dayunlimited water and herbal tea. By drinking a lot of water or herbal tea, your body gets rid of harmful and toxic waste quickly. These substances are released during fat burning during the sports program.

By regularly moving through itsports program put your lungs, heart and all other muscles at work to free you from blockages in your organs, tissues and energy management.

Een heerlijk ontspannen massage bij Health Holidays in Turkije

Where can you follow our program?

During a Health Holiday Portugal, Turkey or on the canarian island Fuerteventura remove all accumulated toxins in your body in a natural way. At the same time you can completely relax and enjoy your well deserved holiday.Maximum detoxification and weight loss is much easier with us than at home.

Ontgiften tijdens het programma van Health Holidays

What does detoxification give you?

  1. More oxygen in your body
    Thanks to the detoxification your blood gets the chance to make more red blood cells, which in turn provide a better oxygen supply to all organs. Our program therefore ensures an overall improved circulation, so that all your organs function better again and mean a reduction in the metabolic age.
  2. Reduction of medication
    Cleaned glands get a better hormone production again. As a result, even more positive influences can arise, such as significantly reducing or stopping medication against high blood pressure and / or cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.
  3. To lose weight
    Losing weight is for many of our guests a pleasant advantage of the trip. How much you waste depends entirely on your discipline and overweight. On average, women drop half a kilo during a Health Holiday and men even lose one kilogram a day.

Where our priority is, however, is that all energy can be used to detoxify your body into the deepest pores and the smallest veins and capillaries. You give yourself a great clean-up, both physically and mentally, and as a pleasant additional effect, that gives you a beautiful body, a radiant complexion and an amount of energy that you can imagine.

Do I get enough nutrients?

Of all functions of the human body, your digestion requires the most energy. Everyone recognizes the sleepy feeling after a late or (too) big meal. This is because all energy is used for the processing of the food. Our juices are much less stressful for your digestion. The energy that you now have is now completely beneficial to the detoxification of your body.You will be amazed by the extra energy and the grandiose opposite feeling of heavy dining.

Only through raw and fresh juices can you completely and properly detoxify your body. A big misunderstanding is that during a juice cure you do not eat anything or do not get enough nutrients. The juices are composed in such a way that you get all the necessary nutrients. It contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that a person needs. The juices contain enough carbohydrates to keep you feeling well.

There are no fibers in our juices, so that:

  1. The juices can pass the intestinal wall very quickly and all the nutrients almost immediately end up in the bloodstream.
  2. The juices are completely absorbable, so that you need considerably less than solid food.
  3. The feeling of hunger remains limited and in a healthy way much weight loss is possible in a short period of time.