We already organise weight loss holidays for 35 years

Do you want, as a woman, to lose half a kilo and as a man to lose one kilo per day? It is possible during the weight loss holidays from Health Holidays. Our weight loss holidays are specially developed, so it is possible to lose a lot of weight in a short time in a healthy way.

Weight loss holidays abroad

For over 35 years Health Holidays has been organizing weight loss holidays to Portugal, Turkey and the Canary Islands Fuerteventura. Your stay is totally catered by us, also the flight is included in the travel sum.

The sportsprogram, where you do sports three times a day, makes you feel fit and slimmed down when you are going home.
This consists of a running training, a varied body shape and aqua training. The sport can be entirely exercised on your own level and is planned in such a way that you have enough free time in the afternoon and evening. During this afternoon you can pamper yourself with a massage or relax with a book by the sea. Everything is allowed, nothing has to be done!

Een heerlijk ontspannen massage bij Health Holidays in Turkije

The result of your weight loss holiday?

Slimming is not the only benefit of our trips. The juices have a cleansing (detoxifying) influence. By that we mean that mineral deposits are solved, which means a big cleaning of your entire body. Our journeys ensure an improved circulation in your body. This means your organs will function better again, your olfactory and taste buds will improve and your skin and hair will shine.

But there may be more positive influences, such as reducing or stopping medication against high blood pressure and / or cholesterol and diabetes. 2. You will also notice that you have more energy than before.

Your travel companions

You follow this slimming trip in a group. The company is always very varied. You will meet people of all ages, many young people, very sensible seventies who want to get everything out of life, both men and women, individuals and duos. Most of our guests travel alone. With like-minded souls you will experience this very healthy and enjoyable spa trip.


Sports program with juice cure

During the weight loss holiday you follow a sports program with a juice cure. The juice cure consists of four freshly squeezed juices a day.

  • The lemon juice diluted with water ensures that your stomach shrinks and your intestinal wall is cleaned, so that the nutrients in the juices can be optimally absorbed.
  • The fruit juice consists of 3 different fruits (orange, apple and a daily changing fruit).
  • The turbo juice consists of cucumber and tomato juice.
  • The vegetable juice consists of 3 different vegetables (carrot, cucumber and a daily changing third vegetable). The daily changing third fruit or vegetable adds extra elements and works specifically.

Very important is that there are no fibers in our juices, so your appetite is limited. The juices can also pass through the intestinal wall very quickly and all nutrients almost immediately enter the bloodstream. The juices are also completely absorbable, which means that you need considerably less than normal food.

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Permanent effect

Of course everyone wants to have a lasting effect on the weight loss journey. That is why you are professionally guided by our Dutch-speaking guidance before, during and after the trip. On site you will receive an intake interview with this guidance, so that your medical background, mental well-being and final goals are known to them. You can contact them during your stay with all your questions.

The supervisors also advise you on healthy eating and the reconstruction of your food at home. Your intestines have also had the holiday of their lives and  start working for you again. That way you will also feel comfortable and you will be better able to cope with all the tensions that life entails.

Do you want one-on-one guidance? That is also possible. We are happy to make a tailor-made offer for you!