As a health travel travel organization, we take sustainability very seriously. We strive to optimally improve the health of our guests, but life on a healthy planet is inextricably linked to this. That is why we conduct our health journeys in a responsible manner and we make very conscious choices in the products we use to provide our services.

Compensation for CO2 emissions

We cover the costs of the CO2 compensation of your entire trip (so not only your flight, but also your stay is covered). In this way your ecological footprint is kept as limited as possible, you pay nothing extra for this.

Reducing plastic consumption while traveling

Plastic is one of the major polluters of the environment, it accumulates in more and more places. Every little bit helps to reduce this waste problem. For example, Health Holidays does not use plastic or paper straws, but our straws are made of stainless steel, making them reusable. In addition, our water bottles, bags and pens are made of organic material. In this way we contribute one step to a world with less plastic.

Sustainable cooperation with partners

In the field of collaborations with our partners, we ensure a sustainable relationship. This means that we choose to work with small local parties. In addition, we advise our guests to visit local markets and shops, in this way they also contribute to the local economy and employment.

Buy fruit and vegetables from local (vegetable) farmers

We need various fruits and vegetables for the preparation of our juices, which we purchase from local (vegetable) farmers. This will form a sustainable cooperation and we contribute to local businesses.

Internal management

Not only we pay attention to the sustainable aspects at our destinations, we also pay attention to sustainable adaptations at the office, which is located in Amsterdam. We have significantly eliminated our paper consumption by sending invoices and travel documents by email. Everything is also kept digitally administratively. Furthermore, we regularly check our customer database for incorrect addresses, we do this to prevent incorrect shipping.