It is always wise to see whether you can receive full or partial compensation for the travel fee before you book.


The costs of our detox holidays, which fall under healthcare or preventive medicine schemes, can be deducted in full or in part from the taxable income. However, the conditions for this differ per company. Ask your tax consultant about these conditions and we will draw up the invoice in the name of your company.


A sick employee costs an average of €250 per day. You not only have to continue payment of wages; you also have to find a replacement, who will be less efficient, resulting in a loss of production. Do you have an employee who suffers from burnout, obesity, or an unhealthy lifestyle? Or perhaps he simply deserves a health holiday.

Your employee will achieve optimal results very quickly and will be properly taken care of!


If you don’t have your own company, you could always ask your employer whether part of your Health Holiday can be compensated, for instance through your employer’s work-related expenses scheme or your fringe benefits.

Health insurance cover

If you have a health insurance policy with extended cover, ask your insurer whether you are entitled to reimbursement within the framework of preventive medicine.