Our detox programme is rigorous but effective

The freshly squeezed juices have been developed to provide you with all the necessary nutrients. They contain all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids required by the human body. To provide all eight essential amino acids, cold-pressed olive oil is also available for the leucine and isoleucine. The juices also contain sufficient carbohydrates to keep your strength up.

Juice fasting

The finer the fruit and vegetable particles are when they enter our digestive system, the more our bodies will benefit. The digestive system requires more energy than any other human bodily function. Everyone will have experienced that sluggish feeling after a large or late meal. This is because all your energy is being devoted to digestion. At Health Holidays you only consume concentrated juices obtained from fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

Bij Health Holidays nuttigt u heerlijke versgeperste vruchten- en groentesappen

Freshly squeezed juices

The lemon juice diluted with water shrinks your stomach and cleanses your intestinal wall, optimising absorption of the nutrients in the juices. The fruit juices consist of three different fruits (orange, apple and a third fruit that varies each day). The turbo juice consists of cucumber juice and tomato juice. The vegetable juice consists of three different vegetables (carrot, cucumber and a third vegetable that varies each day). The varying third fruit or vegetable adds extra elements that have a specific function.

No fibre

Our juices do not contain fibre, which means

– they pass through the intestinal wall very quickly and the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately.

– the juices can be absorbed completely, so a far smaller amount is required in comparison with normal food.

– you feel less hungry, enabling substantial weight loss quickly and in a healthy way.


The amount of weight you lose depends entirely on your self-discipline and your excess weight. On average, women lose half a kilo and men lose as much as one kilo per day.

For many of our guests, losing weight is an added advantage of the combined detox and sports programme. However, our priority is for your body to be able to devote all its energy to cleansing the deepest pores and the smallest veins and capillaries, as no energy is being wasted on digestion.


The juices have a cleansing, detoxifying effect. This means that mineral deposits are dissolved, resulting in a radical cleansing of the entire body. Our detoxification treatment improves blood flow in general, ensuring that all your organs work better and reducing your biological age. Everyone will feel years younger – and there are even more positive effects, such as the possibility of substantially reducing or even discontinuing medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes. You may even be able to finally kick a smoking and/or alcohol addiction. You will notice that you have so much more energy than before and that this extra energy will last for months. Your sense of smell and taste will improve, and your hair and skin will glow with health.

Body cleanse

In order to maximise the benefits of the cleansing treatment, effectiveness has a higher priority for us than flavour or variety. You will therefore not be offered any alternatives such as hot soup or bouillon in the evening. Heating vegetables completely nullifies the cleansing effect. You can only cleanse your body thoroughly and properly with raw, fresh juices. You may need some time to adjust, but after a few days you will start to feel better. We strongly urge you to see the detox through to the very end. If you fail to do so, you will not make the most of the opportunity. In one week you can achieve what would otherwise take months or even years.

Responsible detox

You should keep in mind that your body may need considerable rest in order to break down and eliminate all the blockages resulting from years of poor nutrition, conscious or otherwise, so be sure to heed your body’s signals. If you are having a bad day, let our staff know and take the morning or afternoon off. You participate in the programme at your own risk, and as such we strongly advise you to adhere to the programme as it is provided by Health Holidays. Should you decide to amend the programme on your own initiative, then Health Holidays will not be liable for the consequences.

Please note: The juice fast may cause changes to your physical condition. As such, if you use any medication, you should always consult your medical specialist before booking a detox holiday. If your doctor has any questions about the programme, he/she is welcome to contact us.

Heerlijke versgeperste sappen nuttigt u tijdens de sapkuur bij Health Holidays