Detoxifying your body, something for you?

A detoxification treatment cleans your intestines and helps you to lose weight in a responsible way. Are you often tired, do you have skin problems or problems with digestion? Thanks to the ‘detoxification’ your body is stripped of all kinds of harmful substances that these complaints can cause.

See the detoxification as restoring your health and the starting point for a healthier lifestyle. Nutrients can thus be optimally absorbed and this will also have a positive effect on your energy level and peace of mind.

How does the detoxifying process work?

Our intestines are essential for the absorption of nutrients and therefore of great importance for our overall health. Despite a large self-resolving capacity of the body, organs, such as the intestines, can not function optimally due to accumulated waste. Accumulated waste in the gut is called ‘slag’.

These snails are meant to be waste products that have accumulated in your body over the years. Examples of snails are nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, pesticides, heavy metals, synthetic colors, flavors, fragrances and preservatives. Detoxification ensures that these substances are removed from your body.

Een heerlijk ontspannen massage bij Health Holidays in Turkije

Where can you follow our detoxification program?

During a Health Holiday Portugal, Turkey or on the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura you remove all build up slag naturally from your body.At the same time you can completely relax and enjoy your well deserved holiday. Maximum detoxing and losing weight is much easier with us than at home.

Sapkuur Portugal, Turkije en Fuerteventura

Fast weight loss without hunger

Losing weight is for many of our guests a pleasant advantage of the detoxification treatment. How much you waste depends entirely on your discipline and overweight. On average women lose half a kilo and men even one kilo a day.

Detoxification does not mean that you have to go hungry

A big misunderstanding is that you will not get anything to eat. You only get no fibers inside, but you get enough carbohydrates to keep feeling good. Thanks to the composition of our juices, all nutrients almost immediately enter the bloodstream and the appetite is limited.

The result of deslagging?

By following our detoxification treatment, you give yourself a great clean-up, both physically and mentally, and as a pleasant additional effect, that gives you a beautiful body, a radiant complexion and an amount of energy that will amaze you.

Improved blood flow and more oxygen

By exercising regularly, you put the lungs, the heart and all other muscles at work to free you from blockages in your organs, tissues and energy management. This gives your blood the chance to make more red blood cells, which in turn provides a better oxygen supply to all organs. Our detoxification treatment therefore ensures an overall improved circulation, so that all your organs function better again and mean a reduction in the metabolic age.

Reduction of medication and more energy

But there may be more positive influences, such as significantly reducing or stopping medication against high blood pressure and / or cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Or finally the emergence of a smoking and / or alcohol addiction. You will notice that you have more energy than before and that you can use this energy for a long time.

See the detoxification as restoring your health and the starting point for a healthier lifestyle.Nutrients can thus be optimally absorbed and this will also have a positive effect on your energy level and peace of mind.


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