The detox holiday consists of a detox with three juices per day and three daily exercise sessions, all at a sunny location and with professional English-speaking staff. Health Holidays has arranged these healthy breaks for more than 35 years, and as such has acquired extensive experience. This experience has demonstrated that a Health Holiday does wonders for physical and mental health. Thousands of guests have benefited from our holidays and returned home completely satisfied.

How did Health Holidays begin?

In 1985, Rob Kasper Ligthart developed the Health Holidays combined detox and sports programme. As a travel agent providing holidays to Ireland and Portugal, he suffered a personal incident as a result of which he spent some time in hospital in a critical condition. This instilled in him the importance of good health and he consequently decided to organise detox holidays that would improve the health of his guests. After having performed extensive research into the concept, he devised a suitable product that would enable guests to achieve optimal results in a responsible manner.