Due to the Coronavirus, we are currently living in an uncertain time, in which no one can predict exactly how it will turn out. Countries that open their borders and then have to close them again, travel advice that goes from code orange, to code yellow, back to code orange. And what happens when you are on location and the government asks you to return home. Unfortunately, we cannot take away much of this uncertainty, but the associated stress can.

In addition to our standard security and guarantee from ANVR, SGR and the Calamity Fund, Health Holidays currently also offers:

– Books without (financial) obligation
– Refund of paid travel money in case of cancellation of the trip
– Our trips are carried out Corona-proof
– Repatriation guarantee

Books without (financial) obligation
For all bookings to Portugal, Fuerteventura and Turkey with a departure date in 2021, you can book without obligation.

How can I book without (financial) obligation?
Normally, after we have confirmed your booking, you must immediately pay a deposit. This is not necessary now. You make a completely free booking by telephone or online. You will then receive an optional booking confirmation from us, which is not obligatory. We will contact you as soon as the flight and accommodation have to be confirmed. At that time you still have 5 days to cancel your trip free of charge or to pay the down payment. When you pay the down payment, our normal conditions then apply.

Reimbursement of paid travel money in case of adjustment of the travel advice
Health Holiday only offers trips to countries with code green and yellow. If you have booked a trip with a booking date after August 1, 2020, of which the travel advice is changed from code yellow to code orange or red before departure and we cannot offer you a suitable alternative, you can choose from the following:
• You can rebook the trip free of charge to another departure date / destination
• You are using a Corona voucher, which is covered by the SGR, with which you can book a new trip at a later date.
• You will receive your paid travel money back.

Corona proof
All our trips are carried out corona-proof. This means that we observe the measures of both the Dutch government and the local government. All activities and also the juice moments take place outdoors as much as possible.

Repatriation guarantee
In the event that the travel advice is changed again during your stay from code yellow to code orange and no other option can be found than to return to the Netherlands, we as a travel organization will simply comply with the duty of care and the additional costs involved. , as also described in our terms and conditions.

Current travel advises
The travel advice of the Algarve in Portugal is code orange.
However, due to the low number of infections in the Algarve, we expect that the travel advice will be adjusted to code yellow again before the start of our new season. That is why you can currently make a non-binding optional booking for this destination without any (financial) obligation.

The travel advice to the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura) is also code orange. That is why you can currently make a non-binding optional booking for both destinations without (financial) obligation. This destination can be booked again for January, July and August 2021.

Turkey currently has code orange as travel advice. This means that the trips can only continue when there is a change of the travel advice to code yellow or green. That is why you can currently make a non-binding optional booking for both destinations without (financial) obligation. We will contact you as soon as more is known.

We look forward to giving you a carefree holiday!


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