Give yourself a sports holiday as a gift!

During your sports holiday at Health Holidays you will follow a juice cure with a sports program in Portugal, Turkey or Fuerteventura. Here you have enough free time to completely relax. Moreover, you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday with the help of the beautiful surroundings and the pleasant sunny climate.

Training at your own level

Your sports holiday consists of gait training, body shape and aqua jogging under professional Dutch speaking guidance. The guidance offers different levels, so that you are challenged as much as possible to go outside your comfort zone.

Listen to your body

Keep in mind that your body may need a lot of rest in order to solve and stop all blockages – the result of years of (often unconscious) irresponsible eating.Listen carefully to your body.If you do not have your day once, report this to the guidance and take a morning or afternoon off. If you want to train extra, in addition to the sports program, then the hostess will provide extra juices so that you will continue to feel good.

Een heerlijk ontspannen massage bij Health Holidays in Turkije

What results do you achieve with a sports holiday?

During your sports holiday you are in motion three times a day. With this you put the lungs, the heart and all muscles at work to free you from blockages in your organs, tissues and energy management. Your blood now has the chance to make more red blood cells, which in turn provide a better oxygen supply to all organs.

The positive results of a sports holiday:

  1. It significantly reduces high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes 2. Some people can even stop medication altogether.
  2. Also, thanks to our juice cure, people finally get rid of their cigarette and / or alcohol addiction.
  3. And if you only want to lose weight, then you are at the right address at Health Holidays. During this holiday women lose an average of half a kilo per day, and men one kilo per day.

A sports holiday at Health Holidays is not only about weight loss. It is about restoring your health, so that you go home with a long-lasting energy, immensely refurbished with a clean mind.

What is the day program of your sports holiday?

You start in the morning with the running training, where you go hiking, Nordic walking, Robbing or running. You must take your own pace during this training. Rob is a combination between running and jogging, to improve the condition with intervals.

In shape thanks to body shape
After the fruit juice it is time for body shape. The body shape consists of muscle relaxation exercises such as yoga, pilates and / or aerobics. Here the guidance tries to introduce as much variation as possible. After a week you bend and stretch like a straw!

Relax during your sports holiday
With the body shape ends the morning program and you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your well deserved holiday. Book a massage with our companions or go on a trip to explore the area.

Weightless training
In the afternoon you will be expected at aquatraining. Aquatraining, if possible in the sea, is more enjoyment than abandonment. It is a very nice activity that takes at least 45 minutes. It helps restore the untrained, overworked muscles and is good for relaxing your body. With the aquabelt you are weightless, so you can train your muscles better and easier and do exercises that are impossible due to gravity.

Juice fastening

Besides sports, your sports holiday also consists of a juice cure. Our juices contain enough carbohydrates to keep you feeling well. You will notice that the feeling of hunger is not forthcoming, because your body receives all the necessary substances in optimal form.

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Who is this sport holiday suitable for?

A sports holiday is actually suitable for everyone. Sick people, healthy people, slim or full-bodied, everyone benefits from a Health Holidays sports vacation.

  • The company is always very varied.
  • People of all ages can be found with us.
  • Most of our guests travel alone.
  • If you can not participate in all activities, you can also register. If necessary, an adapted program can be put together.

Please note: for medication we recommend that you always consult your doctor before you book.