What is juice fasting?

Everyone wants to relax and get more energy. At Health Holidays you follow a cure by means of juice fasting and exercising with sufficient free time for relaxation.

The difference between detox, juice fasting and detoxification …

With regard to detoxification you come across many different terms on the internet, such as detoxing, juice fasting, detoxification, cures and detoxification. In the end these terms have the same meaning; rid the body of toxins and waste.

  • For example, the translation of the English word detox is the same as the word detoxification.
  • Juicefast is the method to detoxify your body.
  • Detoxification is a consequence of juice fasting. During the juice cure, your intestines are cleaned from residual waste (the slag).

Is a juice cure healthy?

Of all the functions of the human body, your digestion requires the most energy. You recognize; the sleepy feeling after a late or (too) big meal. The well-known ‘after-dinner dip’ is created because all energy is used to process your food.

Our juices contain all nutrients

During the juice fasting at Health Holidays you therefore only consume freshly squeezed juices from fruit and vegetables. Our juice retention treatment is composed in such a way that you get all the necessary nutrients. Moreover, our juices contain sufficient carbohydrates, so that you keep feeling good.

Essential for juice fasting at Health Holidays; there are no fibers in our juices. This allows the juices to pass the intestinal wall very quickly and all nutrients almost immediately enter the bloodstream.

No feeling of hunger during juice fasting

With juice fasting your body does not lose energy on your digestion and this energy can be used to clean your body down to the deepest pores and smallest veins. Moreover, you will notice that the feeling of hunger is not present, because your body receives all the necessary substances in optimal form.

Preparation for juice fasting

Prior to juice fasting you will receive extensive documentation so that you are well prepared. You also adjust your diet for a week before juice fasting. We will of course assist you during and after the juice refresher treatment with building to healthy, solid food, so that you can keep your results.

The result of juice fasting

During our juice cure you are in motion three times a day. With this you put the lungs, the heart and all muscles at work to free you from blockages in your organs, tissues and energy management. Your blood now has the chance to make more red blood cells, which in turn provide a better oxygen supply to all organs.

Sapvasten produces positive results:

  1. It significantly reduces high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes 2. Some people can even stop medication altogether.
  2. Also, thanks to our juice cure, people finally get rid of their cigarette and / or alcohol addiction.
  3. And if you only want to lose weight, then you are at the right address at Health Holidays. During our juice retention treatment, women lose an average of half a kilo per day, and men weigh one kilo a day.

The juice-based cure is not only about weight loss. It is about restoring your health, so that you go home with a long-lasting energy, immensely refurbished with a clean mind.

For whom is juice fasting suitable?

Contrary to what is often claimed, juice fasting is actually suitable for everyone. Sick people, healthy people, slim or full-bodied, everyone benefits from the juice cure of Health Holidays.

  • The company is always very varied.
  • People of all ages can be found with us.
  • Most of our guests travel alone.
  • If you can not participate in all activities, you can also register. If necessary, an adapted program can be put together.

Please note: for medication we recommend that you always consult your doctor before you book.