We have been organising health holidays for 35 years

Do you relax during your holiday? Or do you have the urge to work from your holiday address, to keep up social contacts and to plan appointments?

During a holiday with Health Holidays you can turn the switch completely. You will improve your health thanks to the juice cure in combination with our sports program. At the same time there is enough free time to enjoy your well-deserved holiday

What do our health holidays entail?

During these holidays you exercise three times a day and drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Normally, your digestion demands the most energy from the body, but now it is shut down. The energy that now remains can be used to completely detoxify your body.

Our sports programme consists of a running session, a body shaping session and an aqua jogging session, in which you can participate at your own level. You are not obliged to participate in everything. The motto of our health holidays is: “Everything is possible, nothing is compulsory”.

The result of your holiday

Losing weight is a pleasant benefit of a health holiday for many of our guests. On average, women lose half a kilo a day and men even one kilo a day. Our priority, however, is to cleanse your body down to the deepest pores, veins and smallest capillaries.

A health holiday is not only important for the body, but also for the mind. Not having to do anything for a while, having enough time to recover and process, gives you an empty head and new energy.

Your travel companions

You will follow this programme in a group. The company is always very varied. You will find people of all ages with us, many young people, very sensible people in their seventies who want to get the most out of life, both men and women, individuals and couples. The majority of our guests travel alone. Therefore, the health holiday is also a cosy adventure, where you meet many new people in a short time. Friendships for life are made.


As a travel organisation for health holidays, we make sure that you can de-stress. That is why we organise the entire juice cure trip for you from departure to return home. Our health holidays take place at beautiful destinations such as the Algarve in Portugal,  the charming Kaş in Turkey and the cosy Corralejo on the Canary Island Fuerteventura.

We are affiliated with the ANVR, SGR and the Calamity Fund, so you can book with us with confidence.

Travel guidance

Your health holiday will be taken care of by professional Dutch-speaking guidance. With your travel documents you will receive extensive information about the juice cure with the sports programme and the period after the trip. During the period before departure you should adjust your diet, so your body can get used to it, possible withdrawal symptoms will be less and the effects of Health Holidays will be even more positive.

On site you will have an intake interview with our sports coaches, so that your medical background, mental well-being and final goals are known to them. To maintain the results of your health holiday when you return home, you will receive various health advice and tips during the trip.

We also advise you on healthy nutrition and building up your diet at home. After all, your intestines have also had the holiday of a lifetime and, when you return home, they are happy to gradually start working for you again. This will also keep you feeling comfortable and better able to cope with all the stresses that life brings.

Would you like one-to-one guidance? That is also possible. We will gladly make you an offer!

What is included?

Our health holidays can be booked from €999,- for an 8-day trip.

The following aspects are included as standard in the travel price:

  • Flight including hand luggage
  • Transfer from the airport to the accommodation and vice versa
  • Accommodation in your chosen room type
  • Juice treatment and sports programme under professional Dutch guidance
  • Personal intake interview and final evaluation
  • Unlimited water and herbal tea
  • Extensive information prior to / during the trip and upon returning home
  • Well-filled healthy bag for your return journey
  • Assurance and (financial) guarantee from ANVR, SGR and the Calamity Fund
  • In addition, there may be extra aspects per destination that are included in the travel sum. Think of wireless internet, entrance to the Day Spa or fun trips.

Would you like to know more about the programme, the destinations and the accommodations of our health holidays?

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