Intestinal cleansing with a juice cure

Your intestines are important for your health. It is the place where the absorption of nutrients starts. In this way, the intestines are the base of a balance or imbalance in your hormonal system, a strong or weak immune system, an accelerated aging or rejuvenation of your body.

Bowel cleaning is a treat for your entire body, because healthy intestines contribute to a healthy body and a healthy mind. Unfortunately, to most people, the intestinal flora is badly affected by their lifestyle and the composition of the food. Do you suffer from constipation, bloating, fatigue or cramps? Then a colon cleansing can be the solution.

A bowel wash? Rather not!

There are many different ways for bowel cleansing. Think of an enema, a high intestinal cleansing, colon hydrotherapy and laxatives. Often these colonies are done to get rid of certain problems with bowel movements such as constipation, troubled intestines or abdominal cramps. The disadvantage of a colonic irrigation is that it also washes away the good intestinal flora.

What is the effect of a colon cleanse?

Thanks to our program, your intestines will have the opportunity to clean themselves. This leads to improved food intake, inner peace, better sleep, improved blood pressure, better body odor, the disappearance of impurities on your skin and more.

Ontgiften tijdens het programma van Health Holidays

Clean your bowels from the inside

Bowel cleaning can best be done from the inside. Your body has the right resources for this itself. Only your body must be given the opportunity to use these resources. Our digestion requires the most energy from the body. In our current society we continue to eat all day long and we do not take the most natural food to us.

During our juice cure, you only consume freshly squeezed juices on a natural basis (from fruit and vegetables) without fibers. The big advantage of this? Maximum rest for your bowels, the optimal opportunity for a complete bowel cleansing!

Full of energy!

During the holiday, your bowels will be completely cleansed, your overall health will improve and you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation at the same time. There is plenty of free time to unwind. Moreover, in addition to the sports program, fun activities are offered without any obligation. A Health Holiday is a relaxing holiday, where you do not have to do anything, except enjoy itself and exercise regularly.

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