These activities in Turkey will turn your health break into a real holiday!

Every day, you have a large part of the afternoon and the whole evening to enjoy your well-earned holiday.

Around Kaş, there is plenty for you to do to occupy your time. These are a few of the options:

At the Hammam in Kaş, you can get a body scrub, a skin soaping and a classic oil massage. You can reserve a Hammam with our staff at the health resort.

A weekly boat trip is organised if there is sufficient interest. This trip starts after the morning programme, with the aqua jogging lesson being given on the boat. The boat passes several little islands, where you can enjoy the lovely surroundings and have a swim or snorkel in the beautiful waters.

Renting a bike or mountain bike during your stay is absolutely worthwhile. This is a great way to explore the surroundings and exercise at the same time. For rentals, please go to the reception.

Friday is market day in Kaş. The market sells fruit and veg, goat’s cheese and various herbs. There are also stalls selling clothing, shoes and jewellery, so there is something for everyone.

You can get a manicure and/or pedicure nearby the hotel. There are various options available, such as a special French manicure. You can reserve a manicure / pedicure with our staff at the health resort.

If you are very brave, you may want to go paragliding. You will make a tandem jump together with a pilot, using a specially developed double parachute. While the pilot steers, you can enjoy the splendid views before landing in the harbour of Kaş. If you want to go paragliding, please contact our staff at the health resort.

The Hidden Valley is one of Turkey’s longest and deepest canyons. The canyon, with its mystical and fascinating limestone walls, was formed by the shifting of the tectonic plates and water erosion. You can wade through the water, pass under the little waterfalls or take a mud bath, accompanied by the sound of birdsong and babbling water. If there is sufficient interest an excursion to Saklikent Canyon will be organised.

Patara is famous for the Oracle of Apollo said to be located there. Oracles in temples that were only open during the winter were consulted by people seeking answers to questions relating to the future. You can view the following sights in Patara: the town gate with its various inscriptions, a temple with fine tiling, the ruins of a large bath, a theatre and an old grain store that is completely intact except for its roof.

Xanthos was an independent city until 545 BC. When the Persians besieged Xanthos, the Xanthians collected their women, children, possessions and slaves, put them in the citadel and set it ablaze. They then went to battle and fought down to the last man. Much of the past has been preserved in Xanthos, such as a Roman theatre, a temple, an 8-metre tomb and an obelisk with engraved text. In the Roman Acropolis are the ruins of a large monastery that was recently excavated. The mosaics and marble bath are certainly worth a visit. If there is sufficient interest an excursion to Patara / Xanthos will be organised.

In Kas there are several diving schools that offer comprehensive diving courses. If you prefer, you can just go diving for a day. You can reserve a day’s diving with our staff at the health resort.

The famous Basilica of St Nicholas of Myra was built in the sixth century. Of course, we also know St Nicholas as Santa Claus, who brings presents to children at Christmas each year. Monks were ordered to guard St Nicholas’ tomb for pilgrims. In the tomb, there are still some mosaics and sarcophagi from the early Christian period. The floor features a mosaic work using coloured marble, a technique known as opus sectile. Some of St Nicholas’ bones are still present, and a monument was erected in his honour in front of the Basilica. If there is sufficient interest an excursion to Myra (Demre) will be organised.

In the harbour of Kas you can take a boat taxi to one of the small islands nearby, such as Limanazgi Beach. This costs 15 Turkish lira. The price includes the return boat trip and a beach lounger on the island. When you want to return to the harbour, just board any boat at the pier.

Just opposite the Kas peninsula lies the Greek island of Kastelorizo (Meis in Turkish). Many boats leave for the island from Kas every day. If you want to visit both Turkey and Greece during your detox, this is the way to do it! You can reserve your day trip to Meis with our staff at the health resort.