1960 | PrimAir

The founder of ApriOri Reizen B.V. was Rob Kasper Ligthart. As a pioneering tour operator, he provided air travel to Ireland for fishing fanatics in the 1960s and 1970s, transporting 750 sun tourists every week to the Algarve in Portugal. His company PrimAir was one of the first to fly to Portugal. PrimAir flies tot he United States in the late 1970s, but that was no good luck. In 1985, problems with his own health subsequently led to the idea of organizing Health holidays.

Bij Health Holidays nuttigt u heerlijke versgeperste vruchten- en groentesappen

1985 | The start of ApriOri Reizen B.V.

After being in a critical condition in the hospital, Rob wanted to organize trips that would promote the health of his guests. He started the company ApriOri Reizen B.V. and under the brand name ApriFit he organized sport holidays to Portugal.

1991 | A new label: Health Holidays

There was a lot of enthusiasm for ApriOri REizen’s new health holidays to Portugal, but the company name did not make it clear what type of travel was offered. To clarify this, a new label was launched in 1991: Health Holidays. So our company name is ApriOri Reizen and the brand name is Health Holidays.


Thousands of guests have now been able to experience the result of a Health Holiday. Within the organization, the baton has been passed on from father to son (Laurens Ligthart) and we have added two extra travel destinations to our range: Turkey & Fuerteventura. Would you also like to experience a Health Holiday? Or would you like to read more about our program?

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