My experience with detox…

I decided last year to follow a Detox cure, to take this as well, and let me help professionally, even though my cardiologists tell me that forbidden had. But that did not stop me. On the internet you can of course find thousands of different detox holidays. But because my husband loves Turkey and I am originally Turkish, we have decided to go to Turkey with the Dutch travel organization Health Holidays to go. This was a 7 day holiday: juice fastening combined with 3 x daily physical activities. Well, it was more of a Boot Camp than vacation.

There was a group of 13 people (11 ladies and 2 gentlemen) of which 2 friends from us. Everyone came from different cities, from different ages and professional groups. It was very nice to meet new people. Everyone was there for themselves for a specific purpose or for a reason. I did not know what to expect. I am a go-getter and when I have something in my head, I also go 100% for it, so I persist, until the last day of juice fastening. Unfortunately, I was unable to sustain the physical activities until the end due to my limitation on my right leg / foot. I did one sporting activity instead of three on the 5th and the 7th day.
Our daily program looked like this: walking in the morning at 6:30 am, or walking fast, or running, then first a lemon juice and half an hour later at 8:00 our first juice. It consisted of three different fruits, apple + orange + fruit, which varied every day. Then we were free for one hour and had a body workout from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. This was different every day, from pilates, yoga, body pump, fitness to freeletics. After this we had free time until 16:00. Our afternoon juice was in thermos flasks in the fridge and everyone could then enjoy it, how and when the person wanted it. This juice was the same every day, consisting of cucumber, tomato and basil. In free time, we hung around the sea to chill our sunbeds and refuel with something of a summer holiday feeling. At 16:00 we had a workout in the sea or in the swimming pool, depending on the sea. After being exhausted for an hour in the water, we were free to eat our evening nap until 18:00. This consisted of cucumber, carrot and a third vegetable variety, every day a different species. After this we did not have any obligations. 🙂 Usually we got up, just like during regular holidays, and went out of the hotel to explore the neighborhood and grab a terrace in the city. All the time water and herbal tea were unlimited and there was a table full of more than 50 different types of tea.
The first day I was tired quickly, but every day, who passed, I got more energy and I became more zen. All in all, I lost 4.5 kilos and a total of 6 cm of my waist. But what fascinated me most is that I had become much more energetic, had better sleep through and the peace had become personal. Mentally I was completely in the ZEN-status Yepp, this is it and I have not had a bad experience with my heart complaints, which my cardiologists were afraid of (that maybe the medicines could not do their job, or that I was short of fluid and could damage my kidneys). No, everything went well. And even stronger: I had a blood test for my blood counts in the hospital a few days later (Erasmus MC Rotterdam) and all blood counts were better than 3 months before and the cardiologist literally said: ‘It has been a long time since you had such good blood tests Mrs. Erguven ‘. Well, is not that proof enough that it really works, that only 7 days can be enough to improve and heal so much in your body? For me yes!!!

Uuuups, I did it again….. And because I liked it so much, I did it again in May 2017 Health Holidays in Turkey and I think it was not the last time

July 4, 2018


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