Kim On Journey Part 2; “Paradox in Turkey: enjoy and detox”

Celebrate holidays on an empty stomach. I do it for a week in Turkey, and also voluntarily. I am on detox travel and that means a lot of sports and drinking juices.
That goes with ups and downs.

Physical and mental detoxing

I am in Kaş to follow a juice cure with sports program. I do this under the guidance of co-founder Henny and sports advisor Ilona. Henny says that her now deceased husband Rob started in 1985 with the organization of detox trips to give the physical and mental health of guests a boost. Son Laurens is now in charge of Health Holidays. In Kaş the team is currently being expanded with the two smiling trainees Maxime and Denise. A nice bunch of people who motivate and support the eighteen detoxers with complete dedication.

A standard detox day

A detox day always has the same layout in terms of juices and sports:

 program health holidays

That is quite a full program. We drink the morning and evening juice together. Then Henny and Ilona also explain the effects of the ingredients. For example, about vitamins or which ailments a fruit or vegetable remedies. In addition, we receive an update on the program and possible activities such as the hammam, massages, a visit to Kalkan or a boat trip.

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July 4, 2018