Kim On Journey Part 1; “Detox trip: to go on vacation?”

A week in Turkey. I think of sun, sea, beach, good food, long evenings with a bottle of wine, enjoying terraces … Enjoy!
But what if you delete food and have to exercise three times a day? Is that still vacation?

Pardon? A detox trip?

I’m going to detox a week in Kaş. During a detox holiday, you should get on well with your body. Solid food is a no go, just like most drinks. On the menu are a glass of lemon water and three juices where you get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. In addition, I can use as much water and herbal tea as I want (no, no strawberry tea or any other fruity taste). In combination with exercising three times a day, this is a reset for my body; it is cleansed and I come to rest physically and mentally. Yeah, I think, that sounds just like abandon.

The elimination week

On the advice of Health Holidays I start the preparation a week in advance. I say goodbye to my wine and drink my last cappuccino. I try to ignore meat, but without knowing it I eat a sandwich with cheese and chorizo and I have a dinner at a chicken restaurant. Oops! Sugar is also allowed off the menu, but with three eliminations I think it’s nice. I think it’s good to do, because I already eat vegetarian on a regular basis and I usually only drink two cappuccinos a day. I find alcohol more difficult: I am at a concert with alcohol-free beer and Rolling Kitchens and the dinner I take green iced tea. For me, these are typical moments for a beer or a glass of wine.

My father is so kind to take me to Schiphol in the middle of the night and gives me a few more morsels of apple pie. Yum! For the time being I will not chew anything. That is a crazy realization. Chewing drives the digestive system and those organs have to go on vacation. Even a chewing gum is not there.

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July 4, 2018